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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
American Frontiers IS The Incredible Journey
Two teams of ordinary yet extraordinary Americans began a 2-month expedition exclusively along America's public lands. Called American Frontiers: A Public Lands Journey, this trek will take these 8 amateur (for the most part!) adventurers along America's most beautiful, serene, rugged, placid, and rocky terrain via foot, horseback, Honda ATV, house boat, personal water craft, mountain bike, and more.

The stories along this journey are endless, including:

The motley crew of sojourners that include a New York City firefighter, a Manhattan gemologist who climbed Mt. Everest, an emergency nurse from Anchorage, a kayaking editor from Colorado, and a retired Marine. These once-strangers are now traveling together, living together, camping together, and living the event of a lifetime together.

Stephen Maurer, the architect of this dream. Stephen was a freedom fighter from Hungary who came to America and discovered the freedom he fought so hard for in Hungary expressed in America's public lands.

Stories along the trek route. No one expected one of the cars to spontaneous burst into flames. Nor did they expect the trekkers would get lost in a national forest, so that the support team would have to form a midnight search party. Then there are the trips to hospital emergency rooms...

The integrity of the team. Dedicated to the dream of the public lands route that extends border-to-border, the teams are using a geological positioning satellite to stay exclusively on public lands (even when it becomes quite the checkerboard!). When the data was misinterpreted and the South team trekkers traveled off public lands for an hour and a half, they backtracked the entire route and started back where they got off public lands onto private lands - even though no one would have ever known if they hadn't!

The trek is open to media, and reporters are invited to travel along with the teams by whatever mode of transportation they happen to be using that day! To obtain an online media kit and a credential form, to review the newsroom, and to follow the trek along through interactive maps and daily journals from the trek and support team members, click on To hear the stories from the mouths of the adventurers, go to and click on Trek Talk Radio.

To make arrangements to interview the trek organizers or the team members themselves, or to join the trek for a few days, call Debbie Payton at (404) 245-8500.

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