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 Trek: The Teams

Team: North
Cheryl Fusco
Cheryl's good nature is infectious.

Cheryl's good nature is infectious.
Courtesy Lorie McGraw

Route Logistics/Supply/Equipment Manager for Team North

Route Logistics/Supply/Equipment Manager for Team North
Courtesy Stephen Braunlich

The three support team members are enjoying the lake.

The three support team members are enjoying the lake.

Route Logistics/Supply/Equipment. Cheryl Fusco is a general building contractor from Florida. Cheryl says...
"Having spent the last 15 years in Alaska, I’ve had the opportunity to experience multiple venues of outdoor recreation. I’ve hiked the Resurrection Trail several times, completed the Chilkoot Pass and participated in the 110-mile Klondike Relay race three times. Mountain biking, running, hiking, back packing and three years with the Alaska Fire service has kept me connected to the outdoors. I share this wonderful life with my husband, Bo and our dog Timber.

I decided to participate, not only to experience the wonderful public lands of this country, but because I believe in the mission of this journey; to share, educate myself and others and promote the ideals of a national heritage – our public lands. To realize the gift of public land ownership and with that gift, understanding the responsibility.

This is an amazing thing to do at this time in my life and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I only hope my knowledge, skills, and abilities contribute to the successful accomplishment of this mission.

****2004 UPDATE****

Equipment Manager and something of a saint on the North Team, Cheryl Fusco hails from Florida and Alaska but recently moved to Tucson, Arizona, to take a new job as a research assistant for the Department of Agriculture. She and teammate Van Deven often see one another. “I’m here partly because of my American Frontiers’ experience,” she said. “I truly enjoyed traveling out West [while on the Journey]. The people were great but it was the wide open space – and all that got to me.”

The American Frontiers’ experience got to her, too, and she continues to spread the public lands’ message, often to public lands’ employees. “I still am finding myself explaining it to people, especially those in circles who I think should have known about it: The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, BLM, Forest Service folks, etc. The plus side is, after I’ve explained it to them, the response is very positive, lots of “oh wows.” People seem to think it was a worthwhile endeavor and a great mission – I’m often thanked for my time and efforts.”

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Friday, September 13
Cheryl Fusco
Team: North
September 10 - 13

The trekkers are out on an overnight...

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