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Team: North
Ravindra Gupta
Dr. Ravindra Gupta enjoying a moment of well-deserved rest.

Dr. Ravindra Gupta enjoying a moment of well-deserved rest.

Medical Support Team. A physician from North Carolina, Ravi Gupta, 27, was born in Massachusetts and raised in Northern Virginia.

Ravi has completed his graduate school training at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, where he received his MD. He is now a third year Internal Medicine resident at the University of North Carolina Hospitals, in Chapel Hill. Ravi became involved with the group after discovering about the need for medical support.

Ravi says about the journey, "I am prepared to provide as much medical assistance as I can, from treating simple sprains, strains, and lacerations, to anaphylactic reactions. As far as the trekking aspect goes, I do not have much experience. Hopefully I will set an example demonstrating that anybody, no matter how much skill he or she posesses, can enjoy our wonderful public lands.

"I am interested in International Medicine, took several trips out to India, and am applying to docters without borders."

****2004 Update****

Also from North Carolina, Ravi Gupta, Medical Support for the North Team, said that the American Frontiers’ experience has put a new and exciting spin on his life. “My life has been affected by the trip more than I would have realized when I started,” he said. “I have more desire to visit public lands, and have already taken a trip to the Grand Canyon and plan to do more. I pay more attention to environmental issues, and tend to lean towards voting for candidates that stress environmental preservation. I spread the word to friends and colleagues about our wonderful lands, in hopes that they will realize their benefit and worth. I recycle much more, plan to buy a hybrid car in the future, and have become an active member of NRDC (National Resource Defense Council). Basically, I experienced the beauty of the lands, and want to do my part to protect them for future generations to enjoy.”

Prior to American Frontiers, Gupta said that his opinion of public lands was based on strolls through city parks and an occasional visit to a national park. “Now that I've seen the vastness, diversity, and beauty of the lands my perspective has changed,” he said. “I just can't believe what I was missing for so many years!

The success of the American Frontiers Journey, said Gupta, “is a very subjective thing. As far as getting the message out to the masses, I do not think it was a complete success. Nobody I talked to aside from people that knew me even know what American Frontiers was. But for me personally, it was a great success. It changed my perspective, and ideas of public lands and the environment.”

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Ravindra Gupta
Team: North
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