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Team: North
Robert Carlo
me and GLACIER  on a break

me and GLACIER on a break
Courtesy Michelle Williams

38-year-old Rob Carlo, was born and raised in Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Eleven years ago he became a fireman for the city of New York. He has spent most of his career with Engine 80 and Ladder 23 in Harlem. His firehouse is considered to be one of the best both for its professionalism and for its comradarie.

His outdoor education started with Outward Bound about ten years ago. The challenges he met awakened his spirit for the outdoors. Since then he has enjoyed many outdoor adventures which include rock climbing, backpacking, mountain climbing,and white water rafting. He has volunteered with the Adirondack Mountain Club, teaching their winter mountaineering school. Through the Adirondack Mountain Club, he has made many friends and found many climbing partners. He has traveled with these people to climb the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest, and also to Mexico.

September 11th changed his life dramatically. Not only did he lose 343 of his fellow New York City firefighters, one of them was his little brother. Mike was assigned to Engine 230 in Brooklyn. His remains, along with those of the five others he was with, have not been identified to this day.

Rob says about the trek, "I have always realized life was short and tried my best to live it to the fullest. One reason I’m really excited about the trek is to be able to share my passion for the outdoors with as many people as possible.It has always been a spiritual as well as a healing place for me and I think it can be for others too."

****2004 UPDATE****

North Team Trekker Rob Carlo, a New York City fireman, is fighting the good fight in America’s largest city. “American Frontiers has affected my life by giving me a deeper appreciation for what American public land space has to offer. In a way, it's a patriotic feeling ... enjoy it, enjoy life!”

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Thursday, September 19
Robert Carlo
Team: North
Sunset and Coyote Song
Thursday September 19, 2002

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Wednesday, September 18
Robert Carlo
Team: North
From the Oregon Trail
Wednesday September 18, 2002

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Monday, September 16
Robert Carlo
Team: North
Back to the Journey
Monday September 16, 2002

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