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Team: South
Ron Monnig
Ron Monnig

Ron Monnig

Route Logistics/Supply/Equipment Manager. Born Christmas Day 1943 to parents of a great generation who survived the depression and WW II, grew up in the German-Catholic section of Cincinnati and always lived in places where I could get lost in the woods. Developed an interest in art and exploring the great outdoors at an early age. Had numerous small animals for pets and would draw or carve in wood their likenesses. Graduated from UC and got married in 1967. My first of three children was born 1 year later. After a few years as an Industrial Designer I decided to pursue a different career. Started racing and repairing motorcycles, which became a life long passion. Went to work for Honda Motor Company in 1972 as a motorcycle field rep and stayed with them until I retired in 1999. Honda became a large automobile company and I became a Regional Sales Manager. Since I retired I still enjoy my hobbies and have put 50,000 miles on my motorcycle riding in the Western United States. I have developed an interest in the American West and the Native American Culture. Me, my lady Sam and our two Scottish Terriers ‘Scottie & Keypur’ have recently moved out of the city to a lake in Kentucky. We have a small motor home and have visited most of the National Parks in the last 2 years. My three children are settled down and doing well. I still miss my best friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident 2 years ago. I try to enjoy everyday and feel that the journey is more important than the destination.

****2004 Update****

Supply and Equipment Manager for the South Team, Ron Monnig, who in addition to his duties took many opportunities during the American Frontiers adventure to rev into the hinterlands on his motorcycle. “The American Frontiers experience will always be one of great periods of my life that will never be forgotten,” he said. “I have been involved with public land issues for over 20 years because of my interest in outdoor recreation, and the exposure to the western public lands gave me a greater understanding of all the issues involved.”

Monnig’s involvement includes keeping abreast of public land issues near his lake home in Kentucky. “I do attend National Forest (NF) planning meetings with a little different attitude and do see some improvements in the way the NF looks at public land. In the past recreation was considered a stepchild and now that there is constant disagreement and litigation between groups and large sums of money involved we at least get invited to the party. The NF is pretty much run like our government and therefore the end results are not good for anyone.”

The National Forest issue that Monnig sees as most important is the way the public perceives the use of public land vs. what goes on in the real world. “Most people go about their daily lives with only the information that our controlled and monopolized news media wants to feed them and anything done to get folks more involved is good. Success is not a word I associate with the journey but I would call it a good example of random kindness.”

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Thursday, September 12
Ron Monnig
Team: South
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