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 Trek: The Teams

Team: North
Tech Team North
Trek Team Support Functions

- GIS and GPS support & hands-on training (help non-techs use the equipment in the field)
- Local map production
- Field data collection and processing (including getting “local” data from local agencies as we pass through, for more detailed & current maps)
- Data delivery to ESRI- IMS team (via satellite internet connection)
- Access to weather updates (for support team logistics/planning)
- Field logistics and emergency communications Trek route adjustment and analysis (weather, fire, route access information and other issues)
- Facilitate trekkers personal communications and email (they will have email accounts for personal communications)

Public Support Functions

- Customized map and graphic production for media events.
- Near real-time map data delivery to interactive public websites for trek-following.
- Assist with the educational outreach goals of American Frontiers and its partners.

Northern Support Team Members Background Info

Geordie Robb - Web design, web programming, communications consulting.

Scott Cutler - GIS Trainer and Consultant

Drew Stephens - Principal, AllPoints GIS

Damon Judd - President Ala Carto Consulting,

Gen Green - Senior GIS Programmer State Trust Lands, Utah

Journal Entries ...

Recent Journal Entries
Wednesday, August 21
Tech Team North
Team: North
When was the Last Time you laughed until your Stomach Hurt?
If you spend much time in the North Tech Trailer (NTT), you will...
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