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Team: South
Thursday, September 12, 2002
Back on Dry Land
The trekkers of Team South disembark from their comfy houseboat and hike up the Hole-in-the-Rock Trail to the plateau above the lake where they will be met by their BLM host for the bumpy ride along the Hole-in-the-Rock Road to camp at Calf Creek. The support team takes the houseboat to Bullfrog Bay then drives on to Calf Creek.

Hole-in-the-Rock was named by Mormon pioneers who set out in the fall of 1879 from central Utah to start a new town in the southeastern part of the territory. The 250-strong group of men, women, and children underestimated the ruggedness of the country and when the wagon train reached the Colorado River, they realized that it lay in a canyon 2000 feet below them. They spent weeks widening a crack in the rim and building a road to the river where the wagons were rafted across. The journey, which the pioneers expected to take six weeks, eventually took six months.
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North South Both

Team: North
Thursday, September 12, 2002
In the Footsteps of the Mountain Men
Team North wakes up this morning by Blind Bull Lake, a remote and lovely alpine lake above the Greys River. Having completed their backcountry tour, the team will turn around and loop back to Jackson for the Wild Horse & Burro adoption event on the 14th.

This area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest has a rich heritage of early exploration. During the early 19th century, Jim Bridger and other mountain men came to this region to explore, enjoy the solitude, and trap the beaver which flourished in the pristine mountain streams. The Astorian Expedition passed through in 1811 en route to the Pacific Ocean. Several trapper rendevous were held here from 1826 to 1840. Many of these hardy trappers left their names on various geographic features. The Lander Cutoff of the Oregon Trail, emigration route and first military road west of the Mississippi, traverses the Forest. President Theodore Roosevelt, creator of Bridger National Forest, explored and camped within the Wyoming Range.
for Thursday, September 12
North South Both

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