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Team: North
Saturday, September 14, 2002
Adopt a Wild Horse or a Wild Burro Today!
Executive producer Ken Chapman watches a horse trainer.

Executive producer Ken Chapman watches a horse trainer.
Courtesy Kimberly Green

Team North better have been saving their pennies, because today is their chance to bid on wild horses gathered from public lands in Wyoming. Since the trekkers have had so much experience packing through the wilderness, they will surely want to take home a horse of their own, although how they will fit them on the airplane home is a whole other story.

Wild horses and burros run free on BLM-managed lands throughout the western states. To protect herd health and maintain healthy rangeland conditions, the BLM periodically gathers a number of horses, innoculates them, and auctions them off to the public, with bids starting at $100. Burros are an even better deal, starting at $25. The BLM additionally provides resources for adopters, such as lists of horse trainers and other experts on caring for wild horses. These horses make excellent pets, work horses, and show horses, and the funds support the Wild Horse & Burro program. The auction will be a lot of fun, and hopefully all the horses will find good homes today, even if they don't get to move to New York City with Michelle Williams.
  American Frontiers exhibit on Wild Horses & Burros--
for Saturday, September 14
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